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Tips For Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Design In Hotels

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If you own a hotel or are responsible for decorating it, there is a good chance that you want to make sure that your hotel interior is inviting and will cause people to want to stay for extended periods of time. Here are some tips for decorating the interior of your hotel so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional.

1. Put Your Money Into Lighting Design

You might be tempted to decorate your hotel for as cheap as possible and there are certainly many areas of interior design that you can afford to skimp on, but the one area that you should be willing to spend a lot of money on is lighting design. Lighting design is essentially the purchase and placement of lamps and other light providers that will allow you to create an inviting area for guests to stay and pass the time. Ugly furniture or wallpaper can be forgiven as long as your lighting is good.

In order to increase the chances that you have good lighting design, you should try to invest in a mixture of soft and medium lights, while avoiding harsh fluorescent lights. This is because the soft and medium lights will provide enough illumination for people to read by or do other work by but won't be so harsh that it will reveal all of their physical flaws. Some stores use a special blue light that highlights acne in order to dissuade teens from loitering nearby, which shows that light is important enough to make or break an area. Make sure that your lighting scheme causes customers to want to stay.

2. Go With Commercial Furniture

Make sure that you are purchasing furniture that is specifically designed for commercial use because it will allow you to ensure that you won't have to spend a lot of money continually replacing the furniture. Furniture that is for residential use is not designed for the intensity of use that it will receive in a hotel.

3. Pay for Quality Fabrics

Finally, with soft light disguising the furniture slightly and hiding its flaws, the one thing that is not disguised is the quality of the fabrics that make up the sheets and the comforter. Be sure that you are paying for high quality bed coverings in order to make sure that your guests get a good night's sleep and that the coverings withstand the test of time.

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