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How To Care For Your Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table Finished With Beeswax

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Beeswax is a common finishing material that may be used on reclaimed wood to enhance the natural look and feel of the material. As a wood finishing product, beeswax sits on top of the wood rather than penetrating it. This leaves the wood a natural color that allows all of the scratches, grooves and natural idiosyncrasies of the table to be easily seen. Knowing how to take care of reclaimed wood dining room furniture that has been finished in this way can help you keep your dining room table looking its best for years to come.

Wipe Down the Table After Every Use

Buff the table with a clean cloth after every use. This will prevent food and grime from building up in the natural grooves of the wood and may also wipe away water marks before they set into the wood.

Buff With Beeswax Periodically

Wipe down your table with a new layer of beeswax periodically as the wood starts to look dry. Beeswax will help condition the wood, leaving the surface of the wood fresh and supple, and will protect the appearance of the table. After dipping a rag into beeswax and then buffing the table with the waxy rag, go over the freshly waxed areas with a clean dry cloth, rebuffing the wood to brighten the shine.

Use Place Mats and Coasters

Beeswax helps condition the wood, but doesn't always protect the wood from stains. Use place mats and coasters under plates and glasses while you use the table. This will minimize the amount of contact between your table and the glasses and dishes, and that in turn will minimize the stains on the wood.

Sand Away Stains

In many cases, discolorations and other imperfections are a natural part of owning a reclaimed wood piece of furniture. However, if your table gets a stain that you'd rather not live with, you can sand that stain away. Use a medium grit sandpaper to sand down the surface of the table. Then use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface of the table. When you're done, refinish the wood with a layer of beeswax and a gentle buffing as described above.

Following this process, you can take care of your dining room table. This same procedure applies to all other reclaimed wood dining room furniture you may own. For more information about how you can care for your reclaimed wood dining room table, contact a reputable dining room furniture retailer in your area.