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Using the Proper Packaging Methods to Protect Your Craft Product Shipment

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When starting your own crafting business, you will often create products that are very expensive. The worst thing imaginable is to ship something that breaks, not only forcing you to provide a refund, but also leading to your brand being damaged. The key is to use packaging methods that will ensure that your products arrive in one piece.

Protecting the Craft from Moisture

If the product is vulnerable to moisture, you should place it in a plastic package to protect it from moisture. To avoid wasting plastic, choose a bag that is just large enough to fit the craft inside. Then, choose either expanding or spray packaging foam to fill up the box.

Using Expanding Foam

Packaging foam is one of the best cushioning materials for preventing breakage for crafts. Expanding foam pads conform to the shape of the craft and can better protect it from vibrations and other shocks. The foam comes with an inside seal that can be opened by pushing on the foam in a location marked on the foam. The foam is then placed inside the package. The product should be placed on top of the expanding foam and a second foam pad should be prepared the same as the first. The second foam pad is then placed over the craft. As the foam expands, it will tightly hold the craft in place, preventing it from moving. Then, close the package and seal it with tape.

Using Spray Foam

Another effective product is spray foam. This product transforms from a liquid into a semi-hard foam after being exposed to air. Spray foam is ideal for products that have odd shapes, such as crafts. Wear safety goggles and protective gloves when using the spray foam. Place a plastic bag at the bottom of the package. Lift the plastic bag up and spray it full of the liquid foam. Fold the open edge of the bag over to cover the foam. Place the craft on-top of the bag. Then, place a second bag over the craft and repeat the process. Both bags will expand and hold the craft in place.

Taping the Package

Cover the package with plenty of packaging tape so that it isn't tattered when it arrives. Try to keep the tape from bunching as you wrap the package because bunched tape is more likely to snag, which can cause the tape to rip and cause the package to open. When properly packaged, your craft will not only arrive safely, but the packaging will also impress your customer.